Swamp Stories from Varna Lake, PART 1

Where did the public money worth EUR 223 million for widening the canals of the port of Varna-West go?
How was an in-house procurement transferred from one state-owned company to another state-owned company that has never deepened canals? And how, due to lack of capacity, it then went without a public tender to a private consortium, and finally – to the Kaliningrad-registered Russian company Gidrostroy?
Where does this vicious chain end?
Why have the contracts in this scheme of assignments, blatantly violating the law, become one of Bulgaria’s most closely guarded secrets?
Is it possible to design a reconstruction when it is already underway?
Is it even possible to dredge Varna Lake?
Watch the first episode of the Anti-Corruption Fund’s new series “Swamp Stories from Varna Lake,” featuring information from an investigation by journalist Spas Spasov and legal analysis of the ACF experts.
Stay tuned for the second and third episodes of the series.

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