The CCB Case: the Missing Names

ACF is launching an investigative documentary titled “The CCB Case: the Missing Names”

"War for carcasses"

The Food Safety Agency pays tens of millions for the incineration of carcasses in violation of the disposal rules and the Public Procurement act, but while the African plague crisis is peaking the infected carcasses are buried with the risk of new infection


Luxury properties at attractive rates – but only for a select few. A number of public officials resigned, following our investigation. However, meaningful institutional measures are still pending.

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ACF is a non-governmental organization, financed by institutional donors and private persons.


We do not tolerate corruption.

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ACF investigates alleged corruption among high-ranking politicians and public officials, as well as corruption offences incurring significant material damages to the Bulgarian public. We rely on publicly-available documents which we obtain via legal means.

Legal Opinions

Our team is comprised of leading legal experts with up-to-date expertise regarding the public policies and legislative initiatives in the field of counteracting corruption, conflict of interest, and other relevant topics. Our goal is to raise public awareness about the systemic factors contributing to the high levels of corruption in Bulgaria.

Recognizing Corruption

  • Public Procurement
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Corruption Offenses
  • Institutions


Annual Monitoring Report Analyses Existing Legislation and Practice and Puts Forward Recommendations for Anti-Corruption Reforms

The report evaluates the legislative framework and the case law, accumulated in preceding years. On the basis of the above-mentioned analysis and evaluation, a number of problem areas in the implementation of the existing legislation are outlined.

Legal Action

Anti-Corruption Report

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We rely on information from whistleblowers for many of our investigations. Tip-offs may be anonymous. If this is your preferred option, please use a public wireless network or VPN Anonymizer, indicating your initials or an assumed name. Mention your email if you would like to have direct communication with us.

As a small organization, we prioritize reports with specific information about high-level corruption. Please describe all facts (names, addresses, dates, sums, e-mails). Submit copies and/or originals of all relevant documents, should you have them. We ask you for patience – our meticulous analysis of the data takes time. We do not review cases, concerning private interests only.

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Please do not share information with untrusted parties as this may alert perpetrators and give them time to destroy valuable evidence.
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