After a court decision: why a private bailiff was not allowed to put in possession the new owners of a plant in Dupnitsa

A bTV news report from this morning documented the Dupnitsa police chief’s refusal to remove “Delta Guard” security obstructing the execution of a valid court decision about the city’s elevator plant. According to the report, a recent court decision rejected the claims of “K Correction” – the company whose attempt to take control of the plant in Dupnitsa we presented in the investigation “Eight Dwarfs.” On August 4, a private bailiff came to the plant to put in possession a new owner and enforce the judgment, but the “Delta Guard” guards denied him access. The chief of the Dupnitsa Regional Police Department also arrived on the scene. According to the law, the police should assist the private bailiff; instead, the police chief insisted that putting in possession should be revoked or postponed. Shortly after a telephone conversation with the police chief, a “Delta Guard” representative arrived from Sofia and invited the bailiff to leave. The police chief signed a protocol recording his refusal to assist in the execution of the court decision. The ACF is calling for a reaction from the Minister of Interior on the case.


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