А signal to the Prosecution offices of Bulgaria and Russia on corruption practices related to South stream gas pipe-line project

The ACF requests a detailed check and investigation of Russian citizens Babakov and Vorobyov related to their visits in Bulgaria
On 19th of September 2017, the ACF has submitted signals to the Prosecution Offices of Bulgaria and Russia requiring a specific check and investigation of public information published in Bulgarian and US media. The information is related to attempted corruption of Bulgarian Deputy-minister of Economy approached by the two Russian officials trying to influence the process of decision-making for construction of the South Stream project.

For the first time, this information is published on 30th of December 2014 in New York Times:

Абонирайте се за бюлетина на АКФ, за да научавате за най-новите ни разследвания и анализи:

С натискане на бутона потвърждавате, че сте запознати с Политиката ни за поверителност

In the article, the meeting between the Deputy-minister and the Russian official Babakov (a Member of Parliament and Special envoy of the President of the RF) is described in detail. This event raises a serious doubt for attempted corruption of the Bulgarian Deputy-minister, who declined the offer and reported to the institutions.

Babakov and Vorobyov are in the list of sanctions of persons by the EU and the USA which bans their entry in the countries.

Other publications – in French newspapers – connects Babakov with financial operations linking French parties to Russian banks.

The ACF requires an investigation of the following:

– when and on what reason Alexander Babakov visited Bulgaria;

– what kind of meetings has organized Babakov and whether his associate Vorobyov participated in these meetings;

– who attended the meetings on the Bulgarian side and whether these persons occupied high political offices and whether corruption crimes had been committed, including in relation with South Stream project.