Accountable Local Authorities, Strong Communities

The main objective of the project is to improve the accountability and integrity system of local government and thus create conditions for countering corruption at the local level by mobilizing local civil society communities. The activities are carried out in partnership between Scanteam, Norway and Anti-Corruption Fund (ACF), Bulgaria. The NGO Scanteam, Norway has considerable experience in implementing projects related to anti-corruption and the application of good governance principles in different parts of the world.

Project work includes:

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– Development of a Local Government Accountability and Integrity Standard:
The Standard introduces principles of good governance established in international practice. The Standard has been developed in collaboration with the Norwegian organisation Scanteam, following an analysis of the situation on the ground and with the active participation of local coordinators and activists and cooperation with local authorities in the selected municipalities.

Monitoring the implementation of the standard:

Journalists, citizen activists and NGOs in ten pilot municipalities will monitor the local implementation of the standard in their communities and will be able to report bad practices using an electronic application. Meetings and training for local community representatives – journalists, activists, NGOs – will improve their skills to report to the competent authorities.

Introducing the Accountability and Integrity Standard for consideration by regional anti-corruption councils:
The standard will be proposed to the municipal councils in the monitored municipalities for approval and adoption as a code of ethics standard for good governance practices in the municipality. The aim is that following a decision by the municipal council, the standard will become part of local legislation.



The project “Transparency and Accountability of Local Authorities, Strong Communities: Implementing a Local Government Accountability and Integrity Standard through Engagement of Local NGOs and Media” is implemented with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism through a grant of EUR 182 655, 03.