12 Nov 2019: Improving Business Competitiveness in Bulgaria

More than 70 business leaders, diplomats, and representatives of trade and business organizations gathered today in Sofia to discuss corruption prevention and detection.
In his lecture What CEOs Need to Know About Corruption Prevention & Detection: How to Limit Opportunities for Internal and External Malfeasance keynote speaker John L. Verna, CBA, CPA, CFE shared strategic advice with some of Bulgaria’s leading business decision-makers. Read more here


NGO Summer School 2019

ACF legal expert Lora Georgieva-Mateeva was one of 17 civic activists, participants in the eight edition of NGO Summer School 2019, which took place between 23 and 28 September. The event is organized by the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law.

Training - II

On 10 November 2017, ACF held its first training in Sofia Municipality, following an invitation by Maria Achkova, mayor of the Sredetz district.

Training - III

ACF staff presented a lecture “How to prevent corruption and fraud” to students from AUBG as part of the university’s Politics Weeks, held between 20 – 24 November.