Three of the prosecutors featured in the “Eight Dwarfs” investigation are facing disciplinary proceedings

The Prosecutor’s College of the Supreme Judicial Council (PC of the SJC) has opened disciplinary proceedings against three prosecutors involved in the “Eight Dwarfs” case.

The three prosecutors are Dimitar Petrov from the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), and Maria Nikolova and Neli Slavova from the Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office, who have both been seconded to the SPO.

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At the end of November, the PC of the SJC requested the Minister of Justice to provide all the available evidence related to his proposals for instigation of disciplinary proceedings within a 7-day term. Today, the PC already opened three disciplinary proceedings and chose the respective panels.

The panel on Dimitar Petrov’s case comprises Georgi Kuzmanov, Gergana Mutafova and Stefan Petrov. On the other hand, Ognyan Damyanov, Kalina Chapkanova and Yordan Stoev will examine the case of Maria Nikolova, whereas Stefan Petrov, Evgeni Ivanov and Svetlana Boshnakova will occupy with Neli Slavova’s case.