Nikolay Staykov in the programme Въпросите with Lily Marinova

Nikolay Staykov: The Barcelonagate investigation reveals between eight and 10 indicators of money laundering that require thorough investigation.

The Barcelonagate investigation reveals between eight and 10 indicators used by the anti-corruption institutions that actually strive to combat money laundering.

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Among the indicators are:

– Companies operating at a loss for a number of years, such as the companies that own the house and the fashion boutique.

– The acquisition of luxury properties and vehicles that have no connection with the company’s activities. If you are transporting clothes for the boutique or garden hoses, you don’t need a EUR 100,000 Porsche Cayenne.

– Transfers from off-shore companies – another indicator.

– Ties to politicians – yet another indicator.


And one direct connection: the investigation of the off-shore companies of one of the involved businessmen revealed names of very curious intermediaries, of nominal directors who are obviously strawmen.

One of these individuals was convicted in 2015 in the UK for money laundering.

This should be regarded as sufficient grounds for conducting a full investigation of the financial flows, as would be the case everywhere.

Laura Kövesi stated: “All we did was follow the money.” In this case, there is no institution following the money. This is the role of the SANS: to request a full investigation of the money flows by all involved jurisdictions, such as Cyprus and Delaware.

This is the biggest issue now: it is ever more clear that we don’t have a working national security agency.

The clearest proof that we lack financial intelligence is sitting on the first row in Parliament.