Miroslava Petrova


was born in Sofia. She is a graduate of the Sofia University, Faculty of Slavic Philology. From 1990 to 2002, during his university years and beyond, she worked as a creative consultant and administrative manager in the field of construction and architecture. She was a part of Colliers International’s first team for Bulgaria / 2002 /, where she worked on projects of high public interest. From 2002 to 2013 she became a consultant with high experience and knowledge in the field of Project Management.

She has grown up in a family and social environment with high public commitment from 1990 until today, since 2013, she is often a part of projects involving voluntary civil organizations and causes.


Miroslava is part of the “Save Koral” team – a civil organization that saved the last wild beach south of Burgas from illegal construction works. Koral Beach is today one of the three beaches for nature-friendly tourism – a unique legal status, won by “Save Koral” and suporters. Http://www.koralbeach.com/.


Miroslava is co-founder of “Promise to Vote!” – the first initiative in the country based on Facebook group that calls for public commitment and increases voting activity without a specific political party agitation. She is also one of the initiators of “Justice for All” – a civil initiative for judicial reform in Bulgaria. www. pravosadiezavseki.com.


Co-founder of Chitalishteto. The smallest authentic community center in Bulgaria – a center of up-to-date civil initiatives. Http://chitalishte.to/ and Sofia Discussion Forum: an organization whose goal is to uncover the truth about post-totalitarian societies, known by a series of civil events and lecturers with outstanding international prestige. www. sdforum.eu

Miroslava believes in the authentic power of civilian energy on which the sustainable free and dignified society depends.