Making a donation to ACF via Platformata online platform enables you to claim tax deductions, provided you are based in the US or Canada. If you are interested, please consult the detailed step-by-step guide available below:

  1. Visit the link


  1. Fill in the amount you wish to donate and mention if you would like for your donation to be anonymous. If not – please fill in your name and email address. Afterward, press the option “Donation with CAF America”, as shown below.


  1. An orange button “Donate with CAF America” will appear. Pressing the button redirects you to the platform of CAF America.


  1. You will be asked again to fill in your details and to mention if you would like to make a single donation or to contribute on a monthly basis. After filling in correctly the personal information required, press the red button named “Save and continue”, located at the bottom of the page.


  1. Three boxes will appear: “Donation Details”; “Payment Information” and “Comments or Special Instructions”. Fill in the first two boxes.