What will come out of the spy scandals? Commentary by Boyko Stankushev in the studio of "On Focus"

The prosecution, in the moments when it has its way, even sheds light on some forgotten cases. At other times it obscures them or hides them under the rug. In this way, they divert attention from how many years the prosecution, headed by the former and current Attorney General, did nothing but cover its tracks and cover for its cronies. For 12 years, the former rulers and the former and current Attorney General’s Office were in a symbiotic relationship, were and are, and thus the public learns nothing.

Our services, including the special services, do not have sufficient capacity to check important cases. I do not rule out the possibility that, for lack of capacity, they may not be able to investigate a case such as the Jamcorp case. It is also possible that, because of a lack of trust, we cannot work fully with partner services, which is the crucial thing in such cases.
The fact that the European Public Prosecutor’s Office will have a separate secret file in Bulgaria is a clear sign that it does not trust the Bulgarian prosecution service. The ACF’s annual reports on high-level corruption have been sent to all institutions, including the prosecutor’s office and SANS. There has been no reaction.

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