Anti-Corruption Fund Foundation held a meeting and discussion in Blagoevgrad

Anti-Corruption Fund Foundation held a meeting-discussion in Blagoevgrad on the topic “Transparency and Accountability of Local Authorities.” The event was opened by the Director of the Fund, Boyko Stankushev. A presentation on the subject was made by the Foundation’s legal advisors, Daniela Peneva and Sofia Zheleva. Around 20 citizens took part in the discussion, discussing points related to the transparency of the Municipality, cases in which the citizens’ position should be involved, and others. Clarifications were also given on how the public can help the institutions to counter corruption and conflicts of interest more effectively.

Blagoevgrad is one of the ten localities that are the subject of research by the Anti-Corruption Fund Foundation. The aim is to stimulate civic participation in the discussion and resolution of significant cases for the respective locality.

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