The “Anticorruption Fund” (ACF) started its training program with the first invitation from the small, but important municipality of Gorna Malina at the invitation of the mayor Mr. Jilanov.

Gorna Malina was the first municipality, which invited ACF for a pilot 4 hour lecture on its premises. The lecture was delivered by Jordan Karabinov, an ACF expert, in the presence of 17 associates from the municipality, including the deputy mayor. During the lecture were presented more than 50 indicators for corruption and fraud in different areas, including public procurement orders. The training was conducted in a free atmosphere and was accompanied by an interesting and dynamic debate. The terms and the approaches for fraud prevention have a practical focus. Through their utilization, every system, such as Gorna Malina, could protect its good name over time and turn it into a sustainable model and example to follow.

For the active audience it became obvious that the investment into an effective system for prevention and fight against corruption does not require a substantial financial investment and could be smoothly implemented, if it is supported by a modern and brave leadership.

The people in Gorna Malina do not afraid to talk about corruption and the team of ACF is happy that it could give a good example in this regard and to the potential other institutions, which could be the hosts of upcoming trainings.

If you want to be the next institution to host a free training from ACF, please do not hesitate to sign up now through the sending of an email to <acf@acf.bg> or fill in the form on the site.

We are expecting you!