Corruption is a threat to the rights, to the freedom and to the lives of every ordinary citizen in Bulgaria. Under conditions of high institutional corruption our population remains poor and uneducated, without the desire of creativity or entrepreneurship - and that means without a future. Finding and exposing corruption is one of the most important goals of our society. The Anti-Corruption Fund will help you learn more about the different types of frauds and the techniques used by corruption schemes, together with the main clues and indications, and explain how to effectively alert us about suspicious activity you become aware of.

Our team offers free training to prevent corruption arising which is tailored for all strategic bodies in an organization. This includes employees working in high-risk departments such as Purchasing, Public Relations, Finance, Human Resources, Compliance, Money Laundering, Risk Management and "Euro-Projects", Chief Accountants, Financial Controllers and Internal Auditors. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and sign up now!


Thank you for your wish to sign up your organization for аnti-corruption education. We will contact you shortly.