Our work



The Anti-Corruption Fund systematically monitors publicly available information, media outlets, social networks and many other sources of interest. Through this monitoring network, the Fund extracts, validates, and expertly analyzes information sources for signs of corruption of high public interest and directs evidence to the relevant institutions.

All cases of significant public interest are given a thorough preliminary corruption check before being considered under the expert opinion of our Legal Center team for subsequent institutional pressure.


The Anti-Corruption Fund is an independent expert civilian platform which focuses on a practical and effective anti-corruption approach. The Fund provides direct and easy access for any citizen who may have useful information on corrupt practices. Through us, anyone can file names or anonymously report evidence of corruption backed up by data, facts, and documents and harness the power of our expert team.

Our confidential submission system and secure encryption protocols protect our sources and guarantees them feedback and actual action.



Legal Center is the name we give to our robust legal team who ensure the credibility of our organization and provide legal assessments of each case of corruption, based on their deep expertise and thorough analysis. The Fund’s experts investigate every case of corruption, deliver a prompt legal opinion and direct our concerns to the relevant institution.

The institutional action, or inaction, is then monitored and we make this process public so that the public is kept informed about the follow-up, the action taken, and our ongoing pressure on institutions to achieve results.



The Anti-Corruption Fund has the resources to exercise sustained and independent pressure on institutions to pursue cases until we achieve results and a positive outcome. Our targeted institutional action is focussed on compelling each institution to act on the cases we bring to their attention and we will highlight any inaction or malpractice at all levels of government.

The results of our work with the long term aim of breaking the cycle of relapses into corrupt practices across our country.