Cookies Policy of the Anti-corruption Fund Foundation

The present document outlines the policy of the Anti-corruption Fund (ACF) with respect to the collection and processing of data obtained from users accessing ACF’s website –
The document forms part of the Terms of Use of our website.
In order to ensure tailored supply of information and high-quality user experience on our website, we use cookies. Cookies enable us (and other authorized third parties) to provide users with a customized experience when using our services, as well as to improve our services and offer more relevant content.
In order to ensure that you understand why we use cookies, we have created this Cookies Policy which will inform you about the technologies we use, how they operate, and the choices you can make with regards to their use.
In case that you do not want to accept cookies or specific cookie preferences, this policy will shed more light on these choices.

What are cookies

Cookies (HTTP Cookies) a small text files that the web server can store on your device/browser when you visit our website. The next time you visit a webpage on our website, the browser sends the information, stored in the cookies, back to the server.
Cookies are essential for the proper functioning of most websites. The ‘cookies’ concept encompasses other similar technical tools, besides HTTP Cookies, that your browser can use to store information locally, such as: Web Storage (Local Storage and Session Storage), Indexed Database API (IndexedDB), Web SQL Database, Local shared objects (Flash Cookies), Web beacons.
We and our service providers use the following types of cookies:

Essential cookies

These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our website. Without them the site would not work correctly. For instance, such are the cookies enabling user log-in sessions and certain additional functions.

Performance and functionality cookies

These cookies are used for other important functions, such as:
• Recognizing you when you return to our websites or use our services;
• Recommending you services customized to your preferences;
• Collecting information on the way users navigate our website which helps us maintain the website and improve our services;
• Enabling us to temporarily store anonymous information that helps us provide you with the most relevant reading content;
• Other supporting functions.
If you delete these cookies, this will seriously impede our website’s functionality and will result in malfunctions and poor service quality.

Third party cookies used for tracking visits on our website

We use certain external services that can also create cookies in your browser. These cookies are managed by external providers and we have no control over them. The data they store are anonymous. The role of these external services is to collect anonymous statistical data about visits to our website which will be used to monitor the effectiveness of our services and make appropriate improvements. The external services for tracking are:
• Google Analytics;

Third party advertising cookies

We use certain external services – advertising networks – which can also create cookies in your browser. These cookies are managed by external providers and we have no control over them. The data they store are anonymous. The role of these external services is to create opportunities for advertising campaigns. They might use cookies to identify and customize advertisements for our platform in external websites and services. An example of such external advertising platform is:
• Facebook Ads;

Third party functionality cookies

Some types of cookies are created by third party tools that we have integrated in our websites. For instance, Facebook API (the “Sign in with Facebook” and “Like in Facebook” features, etc.) and Google API (the “Sign in with your Google account”, “Share in Google +”, and “See on map” features, etc.) might create cookies that are essential for their proper functioning. These cookies are managed by the external service providers and we have no control over them. Thus, we cannot technologically provide the option to block them. Therefore, if you do not want to have these cookies, you should not use the abovelisted external tools, integrated in our website.
We take appropriate measures to ensure that the third parties we collaborate with are reliable and with proven authority and professionalism.
Cookies that are created when a user visits our website by clicking on an ad in a third party website cannot be managed by the user beforehand, but are created and read by our website by default, since the user has navigated from an external website. These cookies, whose role is to enable the functioning of our advertising affiliate system, are not unique to users and cannot lead to their identification.

How to manage and delete cookies

You can choose whether to accept cookies or not, as well as the types of cookies you accept, in one of the following ways:
• Using our website settings. You can use the following link to set your preferences about the cookies we use.
• Using your browser settings. You can explicitly block or restrict cookies in your browser settings. Every modern browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) has options for:
• Viewing the existing cookies;
• Deleting the existing cookies.
It is important to bear in mind that blocking cookies from your browser may make it impossible to use our services, as our websites cannot run properly without certain essential cookies.

Manage cookies using third party tools

There is a Google Add-on that allows you to restrict the use of your data by Google Analytics – a tool used by many websites for tracking visits and collecting other statistical data.
Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on:

Settings in Google’s platform for creating and managing cookies for advertising purposes

Settings in Facebook’s platform for creating and managing cookies for advertising purposes:

Changes to the Cookies Policy

All potential future changes to our Cookies Policy will be reflected on this page.

Contact us

If you have any questions, comments, or requests with regards to our Cookies Policy, you can contact us via our Contact Forms or directly on the following email address:


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