Boyko Stankushev, ACF: The prosecution can never find out anything

“I as a citizen have the impression that whatever monstrous blackmail, bribes realized or not, bags of money carried or not carried, the Prosecutor’s Office can never find out anything.
We are talking about a very well-functioning organisation. This is a cartel agreement between the former rulers and the Attorney General’s Office, and I am far from branding all prosecutors. I do not believe what we are currently being served. I cannot say whether we have a hypothesis of urgency, but I can comment on the effect: if this thing had not happened, nothing would have started to happen at all.
Yet the prosecution is now forced to start questioning. Exactly how they are going to dodge and obfuscate things I don’t know, but they are very inventive. Obviously there are smart people around Mr Geshev who are telling him exactly what actions to take so that nothing happens.

We are witnessing a very long period in Bulgarian history in which the executive, with two chief prosecutors, has been acting literally like an organised crime group for 12 years.
The way out of this black box is that about a year ago at this time, in the streets, in the cafes, on Facebook, in your studio, ten or twenty times fewer people dared to talk about the failings of the judiciary, in particular about the fact that the prosecutor’s office exists to do nothing but cover up acts.
Now that fear is gone.”

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