Andrey Yankulov from AKF in "Alternativata" (The Alternative)

The reports of the KPKONPI report bombastic sums, on which lawsuits have been filed and amounts seized. But a little further down it is seen that the actual result – the assets for which there are court orders for seizure – is of much smaller size. And the actual assets seized – nobody knows there anymore, that is not disclosed in the Commission’s reports.

What does the state actually gain from the activities of this Commission? This is not clear even from its report. Otherwise, its budget is over 21 million.
It is also not known how many corruption crimes at high levels of power the Commission has uncovered. There are statistics on the number of files it has sent to the prosecution. But how many investigations have been launched into these files? Are there any persons who have been prosecuted as a result of the Commission’s operational activities? This is by no means known.
That is why we demand an in-depth analysis of the results of the activities of the KPKONPI

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