The Chief Prosecutor of Republic of Bulgaria refused to submit to the Russian Prosecution Office a signal for corruption activity of two Russian officials
October 16, 2017
The bill was introduced by the Government in the National Assembly in October 2017 and is expected to be adopted by the end of the year.
December 19, 2017

Public procurement procedure in the Ministry of Tourism, raising serious doubts of violations and abeyance, is submitted to the Prosecution Office

Public procurement
Signal to the Prosecution Office


Public procurement procedure in the Ministry of Tourism – for producing advertisement videos with the total value of BGN 43 680 – is submitted to the Prosecution Office with serious doubts of procedural violations. These violations include shorter period of announcement of the tender (only 4 days, while legal requirement is 7 days) and publishing of all comprehensive information, including technical assignments, with the initial publication of the procurement procedure.
Moreover, in the procedure initially participated 4 companies, but 3 of them were expelled due to formal administrative reasons. The appointment of the tender commission is also in violation of the procedural rules.
The conclusion of the procurement contract, without a proper and required decision of the minister, is a form of abeyance which the Prosecution Office has to investigate.